Southwest Master & slave Title Holders

Master Dennis slave bonnie
Southwest Master & slave 2017
Master Dennis and slave bonnie - Arizona Master and slave 2016 - Southwest Master and slave 2017. Master Dennis and slave bonnie met through the internet while He lived in San Diego and she lived in Phoenix. Master Dennis collared Ms. Bonnie 19 years ago and in, 2002, they were married. Later in their relationship Master Dennis realized that slave Bonnie needed an outlet for her own dominance, so Master Dennis allowed her to explore this aspect of herself, while maintaining their own Master/slave dynamic. They have had several slaves together; one was ten years within their home, slave Kia. Master Dennis gave His slave the name of Ms. Bonnie for Master/slave Bonnie, slave Bonnie is a Master to others yet she is always primarily and without a doubt, Master Dennis’ slave. Together Master Dennis and slave bonnie have an extensive extended family, the Dragon Clan, a large national family of those that hold a heart of service. The Dragon Clan credo is “Leather, Family, Service, and Spirit”! The Dragon Clan strives to assist, educate and serve their communities. They are very active in their local community; along with being active members of their local club, Arizona Power Exchange, Butchmanns Experience and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, spreading joy and education within the LGBTQ community. They have presented educational topics at APEX, Desert Dominion, Southwest Leather Conference, Sin in the City, BCD, Mensa and many more, both nationally and in Canada. Also, for the last 15 years, they spend time at local colleges with human sexuality, sociology and psychology classes to demystify who and what BDSM, Leather and Master/slave really are. They both believe strongly in sharing the truths of their M/s lifestyle to others that are just learning or already on their paths. They model who and what they are in M/s and BDSM and desire to share that though the path can be rocky at times – it is possible with work to succeed. Their philosophy is that everyone is unique unto himself or herself and there is no “ONE TRU WAY” to do things; there is being safe as possible, consensual with all actions, and being mindful in one’s intent. They are looking forward to learning more and sharing with others as they progress on their journey!
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Master Orpheus Black slave Indigo Black
Southwest Master & slave 2016
Southwest Master Orpheus Black Orpheus Black is a published author and erotic educator specializing in hierarchical dynamics, non-monogamous relationships and extreme sexual encounters. This two-time Bawdy Storytelling champion has been traveling the country teaching his fun and light-hearted educational events for more than a decade. Orpheus is a regular presenter at DomCon: LA and is the founder of Cirque de Sade - a high profile group of Dominants whose mission is to advance the art of BDSM through a commitment to innovation, excellence, and active leadership in the D/s, M/s, and fetish communities. Southwest slave Indigo Black Indigo Black, wife and property of Sir Orpheus Black, has been not only a sub and slave to Orpheus, but also his lifelong companion and inspiration. Her journey into BDSM and the fetish lifestyle began when she volunteered to be Orpheus’ bottom and submissive in early 2000. Like Orpheus, Indigo got her start co-hosting the Severe Society radio show. Soon after that, Orpheus and indigo began their dark journey onto the fetish stages, performing at countless Hollywood hotspots such as the Viper Room, Club Blue, the Music Box, and Dragonfly, to name just a few. During this journey, indigo was not only an amazing bottom and submissive, but also an invaluable asset behind the scenes. Recently she participated in the Tyrant Thinks podcast together with Orpheus and his co-host Recks Robert interviewing people from all different aspects of the fetish world. Currently she co-hosts the Orpheus Black Show every Sunday afternoon on Chocolate Radio.
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Sir Gareth slave toi
Southwest Master & slave 2015
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Master Valentino slave Panda
Southwest Master & slave 2014
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Master Todd slave Elizabeth
Southwest Master & slave 2013
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Sir Mystic Marika
Southwest Master & slave 2012
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Master George slave bren
Southwest Master & slave 2011
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Master Obsidian slave namaste
Southwest Master & slave 2010
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Wizard Bob slave dorothy
Southwest Master & slave 2009
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Master Malik slave cathy
Southwest Master & slave 2008
Master Konrad slave kat
Southwest Master & slave 2006
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Master Guardian slave sugar
Southwest Master & slave 2005
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