BDSM Glossary

the Original Source 24/7: A relationship in which protocols are in place continuously. A: Abrasion – Dictionary term meaning a wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction.  In BDSM play this would See also stimulating the surface of the body with abrasive materials such as rough silk, leather, sandpaper, brushes, etc. Age Play – Acting … Read more

2018 IMsL

[gridfx id=1]   2018 IMsL girl ang Pronoun: She Home: Castlemaine VIC Australia Favorite Words: Extravagant, Existential, Extraordinary & Excite Favorite Color: Black Pets: Chevy my cat! ​ girl ang is a rugged Femme hedonistic switch, service oriented Leather woman based in Melbourne, Australia. Her kinks include squirting, fisting, energy exchange, sensation play, tea parties, … Read more