The 10 roles of a Daddy Dominant by Mutilato

The 10 roles of a Daddy Dominant
I often write things like this out not just to clarify publicly and spark ideas, but also to reinforce it for myself. It’s easy to think of being a Daddy Dominant as one thing, one job, but in reality, it is many many jobs to keep track of.

Vetting Potential Play Partners – My Approach by SunderSpren

A friend recently asked me for an opinion of someone I know in the scene. I thought I would post a part of it here on how I approach providing references and vetting other people in my own play. There is no right way, this is what I’ve found works well for me after two … Read more

The Myth of the Daddy

The problem with being in a roleplaying relationship is that there are inherent expectations tied to the roles that come from both parties and are born of their experiences and needs. One of the hardest things I have faced as a Daddy is that there is a level to it that goes so far beyond … Read more

Taking care of your property, so your property can take care of you by Mr. Blu

Something so simple, is consistently forgotten by those all over the scene. There are many aspects to what such a thing is and many ways to go about doing it. Regular contact isn’t just getting together for a beating and communication isn’t just the message sent to conduct said beating. Communication covers all things, such … Read more