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Sin City D/s Network is a private, pansexual, adult, alternative social group in Las Vegas, NV. This message board serves as a place for our group members to discuss living and socializing with others in the Las Vegas area and to support each other in our efforts to learn more about D/s relationships and BDSM. Local residence is not required to participate and visitors are welcome. A minimum age of 18 is required to join our group and participate on the message board. You must be a minimum of 21 years of age to attend Meet and Greets. The minimum age required to attend other events will be posted on the event page.

Our Mission Statement: To establish and maintain a neutral social network for those in the Las Vegas area interested in Dominance and submission and BDSM activities for the purpose of meeting and maintaining contact.

Our Goal: To facilitate friendship, acceptance, understanding, compassion and the pursuit of pleasure between consenting adults and to promote honor, integrity and a high standard of ethics within the Las Vegas BDSM community.

Sin City D/s Network welcomes all individuals with an interest in BDSM, D/s and other similar lifestyles and relationships. Sin City D/s Network does not discriminate and has members of all genders, orientations, ages, races, and kinks! Tops, Masters, bottoms, submissives, slaves, switches, poly and monogamous individuals and couples are welcome to join! People who are closed minded and judgmental need NOT apply!

Visit us at

Sin City Ds Network Fetlife Group

Sin City D/s Network includes;

Kinky Yellow Pages – Have a job to offer? Are you seeking employment? Check here!

Las Vegas Heath Resources – A group for health resources and news about health & fitness.

LV events Calendar – A calendar for las vegas local events

Sin City D/s Network supports and works with several groups in the Las Vegas area and we proudly list them as trustworthy partners and resources for BDSM, D/s, Leather, Rope and other related subjects of interests.

BDSM Educational Center
Las Vegas Rope Social
LUC of LV (Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas)
Vegas Valley TNG

Griffins (Riding Club)

Red Dragons – High Dessert (Riding Club)


Please note that Sin City D/s Network is not affiliated with the following groups in any way….

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Sin City P/S Society


Please be discreet! While some people choose to be open with their lifestyles, others choose not to be. Consider any and all information that you become privy to from or about our members to be strictly confidential. Respect other’s privacy as you wish your privacy to be respected. Failure to do so can result in your removal from the FetLife group and the possibility of being banned permanently.

Please refrain from giving out the address to private events. If you are invited to a private event sponsored by Sin City D/s Network, you are agreeing to keep the details of the event (as laid out in the invitation) private. Sharing any event information (including but not limited to the address, guest list information, date and time, etc) will result in your invitation being revoked and your immediate removal from the event as well as the removal of any uninvited guests. If sharing private event information becomes a habit, you risk never being invited to another Sin City D/s Network event in the future and the possibility of being banned.

Discussions and Comments:

While discussion is welcome, fighting is not. If you disagree, please do so respectfully. Please refrain from making comments that intentionally provoke discord, confrontation or hostility. In addition, comments that are antagonistic, adversarial, made at someone’s expense or pass negative judgment will be deleted and can result in removal from the group and the possibility of being banned permanently. This includes comments where no names are mentioned but specific behavior is pointed out and/or the general public is chastised. Inappropriate threads will be deleted from the message board at the moderator’s discretion. If a pattern is noted, the person posting such threads will be removed from the group and could be banned permanently. Additionally, Sin City D/s Network honors a zero tolerance policy for threats of any kind. Personal conflicts and drama do not belong on this board.

If you have a personal issue with someone on the message board or at a group sponsored event, message that person privately and work it out amongst yourselves like adults. If a resolution cannot be reached, contact a group owner in a timely manner for assistance. There is NO room for personal drama of any kind on this or any message board.

No haters!! Please conduct yourself with basic courtesy. Name calling, flaming and/or other abuses will not be tolerated and will be grounds for having your posts deleted and yourself banned from the group. The same rules apply at Sin City D/s Network functions, including munches. If you are not capable of expressing your opinion in an adult manner without profanity or insulting others and/or their kink or if you cannot conduct yourself with basic respect and courtesy at public events, this is not the group for you.

Please keep discussion posts related to the subjects of D/s, BDSM, related events, topics or questions. Discussions that are started to create arguments, friction or drama of any kind will result in the entire thread being deleted. Please locate the affiliated groups list (located above in “About & Rules section”) related to the topic that you’d like to post about and be sure to adhere to that group’s rules. For rules on posting events, please see below.

We request that all other group politics and personal conflicts and vendettas are left at the door. Failure to do so can result in your post being deleted and the possibility of being banned permanently.

Attending Sin City D/s Network Events:

When attending any Sin City D/s Network events, especially play parties (see criteria below for private party invites), a DM will always be present and a strict list of rules will be provided. Failure to comply with these rules can result in your removal from the event and the possibility of being banned. These rules will be clearly explained and/or posted and are set forth by our experienced, certified DM, Master Guardian. Rules created by Sin City D/s Network are strictly in place at all Sin City D/s Network events and are in effect regardless of rules created by other groups or organizations. If you have a question about any event rule, please contact a group leader.

All Sin City D/s Network play parties are “dry” events. Dry events never include alcohol of any kind, if liquor is present at any party it will be confiscated until the end of the party. Drugs of any kind are prohibited at any Sin City D/s Network events, this includes marijuana. If you bring drugs of any kind to a Sin City D/s Network event, you will be removed from the event and permanently banned from the group.

Criteria for Private Party Invites:

To be invited to Sin City D/s Network sponsored private play parties, the following criteria is required:

A minimum probation period of 45 days is required for new members

You must attend at least one Sin City D/s Network BDSM Orientation

You must have a sponsor to attend your first three parties (see sponsorship criteria below)

Any and all play must be approved by both your sponsor and the play party’s DM prior to beginning your scene

DM’s and party hosts have full authority to stop your scene if unsafe play is recognized no questions asked

A party host’s or DM’s intervention and decision to stop a scene is final, arguing or causing drama will result in immediate removal from the premises of said party

For parties at private residences, the venue host ultimately has final say on who steps foot in their home.

A sheet will be distributed containing party rules that everyone must read and sign, no exceptions.

Enter at your own risk! As an adult, YOU are ultimately responsible for both the play you engage in and who you engage said play with. While Sin City D/s Society always has the best interests of our members in our hearts and minds, we have no control over you mind or body unless you wear a group owner’s collar. Engage in safe play with people you know and trust and know what you want to do and most importantly, know what the experience level of both parties is. Do not engage in play that is unsafe and/or outside the realm of your experience.

Criteria for Sponsorship

A tenured member of Sin City D/s Network may sponsor a maximum of two people at the same time.

A person may only sponsor another if they have a minimum tenure of one year in the Sin City D/s Network group

As a sponsor, it is your responsibility to educate the person you sponsor on all Sin City D/s Network rules, policies and procedures and ensure that they have read, understood and signed the rule sheet at events or parties

Sin City D/s Network group leaders reserve the right to override a sponsor and disallow a person from attending a Sin City D/s Network party or event

By choosing to sponsor someone for entrance to a Sin City D/s Network event or party, you assume ALL risk & responsibility for the person you sponsor

If you someone you sponsor fails to follow rules or engage in safe play, they will be asked to leave and barred from any and all Sin City D/s Network events and parties for a period of time to be decided by Sin City D/s Network group leaders

If you someone you sponsor fails to follow rules or engage in safe play, you will be barred from sponsoring anyone for Sin City D/s Network events and parties for a minimum period of six months

All persons sponsored for Sin City D/s Network events and parties must be approved in advance by a Sin City D/s Network group leader

Event Postings:

Groups: If your group/organization has not already received permission to post your events, please message Master Guardian. Groups with prior authorization may post a maximum of one time per week. Only groups with written permission from The group owner, Master Guardian, may use the Sin City D/s Network message board. Each event/activity should be posted to one discussion and the thread updated. Please do not post a new discussion for recurring events. Event postings should include pertinent information about the event/activity including location, pricing information, contact information for the organizer and age restrictions.

Fundraising Events: Fundraisers may only be posted if proceeds are for an organization or event that can be verified as legally non-profit or not-for-profit. Donations may not be solicited or collected at Sin City D/s Network events for any reason without prior written permission from the group owner.

Family Events: Events for those under age 18 will only be welcome if they are advertised as “family” events and will be approved on a case by case basis. Please send pertinent details about the event/activity and contact info for the organizers to a group leader for authorization.


R.A.C.K. = Risk Aware Consensual Kink = **You are aware of the Risks and Consent to the Kink, in both the play and the people you interact with…

Attend BDSM events AT YOUR OWN RISK. As a service to our members, Sin City D/s Network message board allows posts regarding BDSM and/or D/s related events/activities with a minimum age requirement of 18. We do this on a “FYI” basis only based on information provided by the sponsors/organizers and make NO endorsements or guarantees or take any responsibility for these events.

The management of Sin City D/s Network believes that our members are responsible adults and capable of investigating and attending events at their own discretion and risk. Please take responsibility for educating yourself regarding the laws in NV regarding BDSM activities and about any events you plan to attend here.

Sin City D/s Network management recommends investigating the policies and rules of an event/organization including but not limited to policies regarding legal issues, age, confidentiality, safety, and alcohol/drugs before attending ANY event.

Sin City D/s Network reserves the right to decline admission to our group boards or events of any kind to any individual at the management’s discretion.

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