Poly amorous

Single in the Scene Part I: Boundaries By charmed blyss

Recently, I was contemplating the situation of being single in the Scene because of an email I received from someone concerning interacting with male dominants. Essentially, she responded to the sexual whims of the men she met online from the space of not having any boundaries set. Part of her inquiry to me was why does […]

Using Your Safeword Is Not a Sign of Failure By lunaKM

When learning about personal safety and BDSM you likely hear the word safeword more than once. A safeword is used as a last resort when you need the play you are engaged in to end. But there’s an unintentional negative stigma surrounding using your safeword that needs to be understood. You are not a failure […]

Vetting Potential Play Partners – My Approach by SunderSpren

A friend recently asked me for an opinion of someone I know in the scene. I thought I would post a part of it here on how I approach providing references and vetting other people in my own play. There is no right way, this is what I’ve found works well for me after two […]

Some Questions for Negotiation by arrogantslut

Dear Play Partners: I want to play with YOU, not just your kinks! I don’t really care too much about what toys you like to use or what clothes you like to wear. Sorry — that’s all pretty interchangeable to me. I want to know what beat your perverted internal clock is ticking on. I […]

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