The theory and practice of GINGER FIGGING

The theory and practice of GINGER FIGGING “Figging” is a name for a practice involving the use of ginger root for stimulation. It’s a practice with historical roots; allegedly, this technique was developed during Victorian times as a way to discipline wayward women. In any event, it’s great fun for people who enjoy moderate to fairly […]

The Acid Tests (Sorting real Tops from fakers) by DrSpankenstein

This is an article I wrote for “Power Lines” back in 1998, it’s somewhat dated now but I’m still surprised how many requests I get to repost it. Since I have space here to do it, I thought I might as well for convenience sake. It still expresses some philosphies and opinions I hold personally […]

The 40 Red Flags

The 40 Red Flags The following are warnings that a potential Dom may not be all that you think they are. Please be careful if the potential Dom: 1) Tries to separate you from your friends, family or BDSM community. 2) Avoids talking about personal details. Gets mad when you ask or quickly ends the […]

Ten ways to tell a bullshit artist from the real thing– MasterKAOS

Ten ways to tell a bullshit artist from the real thing– MasterKAOS This writing pertains mostly to new subs that are seeking a dom, but most of the information can be applied in both directions with slight modifications and can be helpful no matter how long you have been active. …So, you just met your […]

Telling the Difference Between a Ritual and a Protocol By slavekathy

What’s the difference between a protocol and a ritual? Even experienced people in the lifestyle can get tripped up on this one, but there are a few basic differences that will allow you to rapidly tell the two apart. A ritual: Is an action that is repeated the same way each time, usually at some […]

Taking care of your property, so your property can take care of you by Mr. Blu

Something so simple, is consistently forgotten by those all over the scene. There are many aspects to what such a thing is and many ways to go about doing it. Regular contact isn’t just getting together for a beating and communication isn’t just the message sent to conduct said beating. Communication covers all things, such […]

Stages of Emotional Crisis (and how they might relate to your submissive) – by Bella-Bordeaux

I’ve worked with a variety of clients over the years, mostly teenagers. They’re volatile, moody, reactive. However, if you watch them closely, you’ll see an evident escalation of behaviors before they hit crisis mode. Now, I’m not a teenager, thank goodness! I wouldn’t want to go back to that stage in my life, but I […]

So… You’re Brand Spanking New to the Lifestyle and You Want to be a 24/7 Slave

So here you are. You have submissive and/or slave tendencies. You feel the pull to have someone dominant you, control you, someone to worship and serve, someone who makes you want to grovel and who fills your world. At the same time you want that someone to cherish you. Love you. Embrace and enhance your […]

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