First Aid Tips

BDSM Education- First Aid Tips

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This is not intended to replace you getting a professional diagnosis and/or medical attention/treatment. This is not intended to replace you getting certified first aid training through a professional organization like the American Red Cross. Since BDSM “play” is more risky than casual sex, both Dom/me and sub should learn first aid, CPR and AED. You are both each others life line in an emergency situation.
Dom/me’s you should never have your sub in any situation that they can’t get free on their own (This includes bondage). Dom/me’s have had heart attacks, strokes, accidentally set themselves/room on fire, etc. if the sub is not able to get loose the Dom/me as well as the sub could die.

Keep in mind that these are just ideas of what may or may not help. Always do further research on your own. Also keep in mind that some products can cause allergic reactions. It is wise to check with each other about known sensitivities- i.e. latex, almond oil, ibuprofen, bee stings, etc. Tip- It is wise in a non emergency situation to test the product on a small area of each of you. Wrists seem to be the most common place to check for a reaction.

In all emergency situations you should follow SRABCS order of checking. (Safety, response, airway, breathing, circulation, severe bleeding).

Bruises- Ice packs, Vitamin K creams, Arnica bruise cream or witch hazel are the most common used items. Less common- Wash cloth soaked in vinegar and cold water, applied like an ice pack or apply comfrey cream. If pregnant don’t use comfrey.
Burns- Minor-Cool with water-NEVER ICE, apply Aloe Vera gel and take acetaminophen.

Cuts/Bleeding- Remove anything visible from the cut (unless it is penetrating the body), apply firm pressure over the area bleeding, if you can, elevate the body part above the heart. When bleeding stops clean the wound with an antiseptic, apply triple antibiotic ointment, cover with non stick bandage. Some dermatologists use Krazy Glue to seal cuts. Dermabond is a medical grade glue for skin repairs. You can also put honey directly in an open wound, it acts as an antibiotic.

Fainting- Try to catch them so they won’t fall. Get them to either a sit down with head between their legs position or lying down-elevate the legs with support, loosen any tight clothing, turn their head sideways so they don’t choke on their tongue and apply a cool compress to face and neck. If they don’t revive in a few minutes dial 911. If they do revive quickly it’s a good idea for them to talk to their doctor and find out why they fainted. Play should not continue, especially strenuous ones as the fainting could be heart related.

Muscle strain/pulled muscle- You should follow RICE Treatment. (Rest, ice, compression, elevation). Ice for 15 minutes every hour for the first three days, then every 4 hours the following few days. Rest the muscle for at least a day and try to keep the muscle elevated above the heart. Ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatory should be taken. When the pain stops you can slowly begin to use the muscle again and you might find heat (must be at least 3 days after injury and no swelling) will help the blood flow to the area which will help. Some people like to soak in a tub, try adding 12 drops of rosemary oil to the water or a teaspoon of ginger. If pain is severe or a joint can’t be used seek medical treatment.

Nose bleeds- Pinch the fleshy part of the nose below the bone for 10-20 minutes, sit up or lean a bit forward, cool/cold compress can be used over the nose or the back of the neck.

Not breathing- Check by listening for breathing sounds and/or feeling of air against your cheek as you watch for chest rising. You will need to breath for them (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation). Get them on their back on a firm surface, check the mouth to make sure nothing is inside with sweeping finger motion, try to sweep anything out, if there is something remove it, you may have to do the Heimlich maneuver. If person vomits turn the person on their side and get the vomit out of their mouth with your sweeping fingers. NEVER place your fingers in their mouth if they are having a seizure.

Place one hand under their neck and lift so head tilts backward to open the airway, with the other hand-place on forehead to assist in keeping head tilted with the same hand pinch the nostrils with your thumb and forefinger. Cover their mouth with your mouth making a seal (you can’t have any air leaking out) and blow two full breaths into their mouth (some first aid kits have a special made mouth piece), remember you need to take a new breath before you blow into their mouth. Watch as you blow to make sure you see their chest rise. Remove your mouth after each blow/breath so the air can come out. Quickly check for pulse (take no longer than 5-10 seconds to check) on the their neck by Adam’s apple with your index and middle finger.
-If pulse is found and they have begun to breath, allow them to breath on their own.
-If pulse is found and they are NOT breathing on their own, continue mouth to mouth and have someone or you call 911. Adults need a breath every 3-4 seconds with a pulse check every minute or every 15-20 breaths, where children need a breath every 2 seconds or 25-30 breaths.

-If pulse is NOT found and they are NOT breathing on their own, continue mouth to mouth, and have someone or you call 911 (in the 5-10 second window following 2 breaths).

Rash or sunburn- Soak in a tub with 2 cups of apple cider vinegar. Apply pure Aloe Vera gel helps a bunch.

Shock- Is life threatening since it reduces the blood supply to organs like your heart and brain, etc. If the person is not injured, place a blanket down and have them lay on their back on top of it, slightly elevate the legs with support, use enough blankets to maintain body temperature but not provide excess heat. Call an ambulance and keep a record of everything you have done to provide to the EMT.

Symptoms: Clammy to touch, pale, trembling, nausea and/or throwing up, shallow breathing possibly rapid.

Thorns or Splinters: Take a piece of pantyhose and slowly pull across the area snagging the thorn or splinter. If the thorn or splinter is deep, apply one of the following: Honey, tomato or onion. These will bring the thorn or splinter to the surface.

Tooth knocked out- Teeth can be re-implanted if you act quickly (within 30 minutes the tooth needs to be evaluated). Don’t touch the roots, don’t try to clean the tooth to get dirt off of it, you can rinse the tooth in a bowl of water, NEVER hold under running water. You can either try to replace the tooth in the hole/socket (which has the best chance of survival) or place the tooth in milk or saltwater solution (1/4 tsp to 1 qt. water). Take tooth in your mouth/solution with you to the dentist.