How I define the role of Daddy.

What makes a Daddy a good or ‘real’ Daddy? It is not the body hair, muscles, size of his cock or his age. It is the same thing that separates a ‘boy’ from a ‘good boy’: Self Control. I’m not talking about the kind of self control that makes you not eat that 3rd bag of donuts for breakfast. I’m talking about the kind of self control where your physical and emotional wants and needs are under your command and not the other way around. It is the difference between being a man and a beast. Yes you do unleash that side when the time is right, and the moment calls for it, but to truly be in control during sex you must have complete control of yourself.

A Daddy must be able to moderate his impulse to be ‘too dominant’ and remember the softer side of after care and cannot be so soft that he can’t be commanding or give discipline as needed. If Daddy surrenders to his lust he loses that ability and the intimacy changes from “Daddy and son” to “Cock and Fuck hole” which is not the name of the game for me. I require more self control and discipline of myself than I do my son because I want to be able to take him past every threshold of pleasure he’s experienced before (even with me) until he reaches a state of euphoria. I must have that control because I never allow sex to be ‘rushed’ when there is no need for it. I can, will and do, take hours to have ‘regular sex’ because there is intense amounts of foreplay, intimacy, sensuality and passion. While I am in control of myself I can apply increasing pleasure and withdrawal of the same so that each crescendo becomes it’s own orgasm and by controlling both my desire AND my sons we can continue this way until I feel it is time to finally reach the climax of our session.

I maintain a level of ‘dominance’ with just the sound of my voice or a gentle touch that gains submission from my boy without needing physical or emotional punishment nor ‘tools’ to do that for me. I’ve never needed to cage a boy, beat him, nor have I needed to punish a boy for disobedience the way I’ve seen some do. While the nature of a relationship with me as Daddy is very different from some (each is in fact unique and has its own limits and rules) this is how I am as a Daddy. I am in control of myself at all times, and because of that, I am in passive control of my son. He desires, no he needs, to be a good boy for Daddy because he knows what it means and what the rewards are. He wants to give me as much pleasure as he can, and I in return seek to push his concept of pleasure further and further until he reaches the same understanding, control, and threshold that I possess. That way he truly becomes my ‘son’ and as his Daddy I have taught him (without it being obvious) the way to keep control of his own life outside our bedroom.

As a result he has a heightened awareness of sensation, sensuality and of the depths of his own desires and sexuality. I provide a safe space for him to explore those with me as a guide, and encourage that exploration by helping him overcome his previous self imposed restrictions and any hang up he might have had about his own pleasure or body image. It is my job, as Daddy, to break those walls down by creating that fantasy world for him so he can take the brave steps from being a boy and become a good boy.

The key to that growth is in submission. Not submission to my will, but to his own pleasure. It’s in that moment when he lets go because it feels too good to him to be worth the negative feelings any longer. By using positive experiences, emotions and sensations, you create a barrier against the internal ‘demons’ that haunt so many boys. Daddy breaks shame and anxiety, shatters negative self-esteem and body image, throws inhibition out the door and never lets doubt return to his son. It’s not done with anything more (or less) than a level of pleasure that you cannot reach if those things remain in your life. It is the very thing he must surrender to, to submit himself to, because the reward is too great to ignore. Eventually the pain of those things can no longer regain control of him, and while he no longer ‘needs to be a good boy for Daddy’ to have those sensation and be free of those feelings, he moves into my true desire. He WANTS to be a Good boy. It is his will now that he accepts and submits to, and that will is to be the best son for me that he can be.

It is only as equals can we truly and safely explore that dynamic of power where Daddy is dominant and his son is submissive. It isn’t real until both have the same level of understanding and control. From there… well lets just say that everything I’ve written about before now no longer matters because it becomes a natural dynamic and a perfect balance of give and take and a shared pleasure that can’t be articulated because it exists in a place beyond language, reason and explanation. It is the realm of Daddy and son (a boy in the superlative sense) , and it remains hidden until you discover the kind of power and balance that only self control can give because you cannot reach it without the other.

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