Taking care of your property, so your property can take care of you by Mr. Blu

Something so simple, is consistently forgotten by those all over the scene. There are many aspects to what such a thing is and many ways to go about doing it. Regular contact isn’t just getting together for a beating and communication isn’t just the message sent to conduct said beating. Communication covers all things, such as asking how your property is doing when your property is sick, asking what your property wants for dinner, or if he/she has been given enough of those beatings I referred to earlier. These things can be described as psychological care, emotional care, and physical care. You need to take care of your property, so it can take care of you.

Communication is vital, when taking care of your property. You have to ask some very tough questions, such as how often your property wants to be played with, versus how often your property needs it. You need to know what will soothe your property and not just for after care. I’m talking about when your property is upset with vanilla problems, as well as kinky ones. What many in the “in charge” role of a relationship forget to talk about, is what helps them know they are doing a good job. The property needs to tell the person in charge when something is right, as well as when something is wrong. It doesn’t have to be an AAR (After Action Report – it’s a military thing) or a power point presentation about sustains/improves, but something has to be communicated, very clearly, and for all parties involved.

Making sure that you’re properly giving emotional care to your property, stems from knowing what helps your property feel loved or cared for. Don’t just stand there, expecting your property to hang on your every word, waiting for a command to do something for you. Simple tasks can be just as fulfilling as giving multiple orgasms. If your property is service orientated, give them service orientated things to do. It makes sure your property knows what little things make you happy, as well as what little things that make your property happy, and makes sure they get done on a regular basis. It also gives your property a sense of purpose. This way, things get done that make all parties involved happy and helps strengthen the relationship.

Physical care may seem obvious, but there are subtleties that are sometimes missed. This will always be determined by what the specific dynamic in question is like, but all have a certain baseline similarity. Whatever the physical aspect is in a relationship, you have to know what is needed to make sure the needs of all involved are fulfilled. This can be as simple as brushing your property’s hair, or as intricate as a 3 hour scene with all the toys money can buy. Making sure your property’s physical needs are met, helps them get the emotional response everyone involved is looking for. And in order for any of these needs to be met, negotiation through proper communication is required.

Taking care of your property isn’t simple and it isn’t meant to be, but it can be made easier if you and your property talk about what is needed. Communication is key, like in any relationship, but so is being emotionally aware of your property and their physical needs. These three things cannot function without each other. If you don’t fulfill the physical needs, no one is really having any fun. If you don’t fulfill the emotional needs, the relationship cannot grow. And if you don’t communicate, neither of the first two are even possible because no one knows what the other wants.

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