I shouldn’t have to tell you…Wyckeds_monkey

I shouldn’t have to tell you…Wyckeds_monkey

Many moons ago outside of a private party I heard a submissive tell her Master, “I shouldn’t have to tell you what I want”. At the time I shrugged it off, not fully understanding the communication that’s required for a fruitful, working, involved relationship.

How wrong she was!

Communication should always be free flowing between Big letter and small letter. The brain is the largest sexual organ that exists. Get in my head and you will own me. Understand my feelings and I will worship you.

Without unabated truthful communications our relationships are doomed to become unsatisfactory and resentful. We must be open and vulnerable to talking with our partners for all of the things we feel. How else can we expect to be fulfilled by the one who completes us, if we are not sharing every thought or emotion that flows through us?

Keeping communication neither threatening or aggressive is the key. I feel X when Y happens. Owning your own feelings is important. Also listening to your partner is a huge thing.

It’s very easy to become wrapped up in our own feelings that we don’t listen with hearts open and available to constructive criticism we cut our own noses off to spite our faces.

Listen, talk, love.

We are geared for this..all of us. Be a human being and understand it takes at least two to make a relationship work. That learning process never ends, we are all always evolving, becoming more than what we were yesterday.

Look into their eyes and see their respect for you and see your own reflection of who you are and want to become.
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