Serve a person worth serving

Serve a person worth serving by Sarina_Darling
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Choose a Dominant with integrity. Seek out tops with skill, wit, and humor- but never stay with a Dominant who lacks integrity. You have the depth, warmth and intelligence to add to the life of whomever you pick, so pick someone with values that match your own. Please understand that proficiency with implements is a wonderful skill, but it is a skill attainable by anyone who dedicates their time to learning. Decency is a trait that cannot be taught. Choose to align yourself with a Dominant who’s actions make you proud. Seek out partners who captivate you with their looks, their words, or their touch-but keep a close eye on the way they treat others and the things they hold dear.

Select carefully a man who will make the hard choices, and who will value your counsel if he chooses to seek it. Take your time to find a woman who exudes dignity and works to better herself and her environment in whatever capacity is pleasing to her. Find a dominant you can stand behind, with ideas you can get behind. Find a Dominant who relies on your strength of character and your opinions to further their causes. Stay with a Dominant who values your ideals, your person, and your devotion to things you deem worthy.

There are many skills and ideological frameworks within this scene that can be taught. Choose a partner based on those things that cannot be. Chose to serve a person worth serving. Choose to love a person worth loving. Choose to devote yourself to a person worth devotion. And above all, choose a person who values every beautiful, imperfect, struggling, evolving, and priceless part of you.