The Knife [Sharp Tips for Edge Play] by TigerSyr

The Knife [Sharp Tips for Edge Play] by TigerSyr

1. Know your tool, don’t be a fool!
Pick a knife that is not too heavy that you can’t wield it. Match sharpness to area of play and what you will be doing with it. Match size to area of play. Big knives are ok for big areas, little knives are good for the face. Stainless steel & surgical steel are best for this type of play. Fewer people are allergic to stainless or surgical. Rust or flaws are not good. Knife alternatives can be fun in times of travel, or for those fearful subs/bottoms. Have supplies to restrain your sub/bottom, and release them quickly. Double sided blades are ok for use, but single sided are good to use the back of the blade for sensations of cutting without the danger. Burrs on the blade will catch on skin and cut. Dull knives are not safe knives, stabbing isn’t cool.

2. First aid is great!
Should the worst happen, be prepared! Have alcohol pads, bandages, Neosporin (or some other first aid cream), medical tape, medical scissors and a plan. Use latex gloves (or latex alternative in case of allergy), if you aren’t in a dedicated relationship.

3. Trust is a must!
The sub/bottom must trust you. A wiggly bottom is one in danger. Question your sub/bottom about past experiences, limits, fears…thoroughly. Question them about the affect that knife play has on them. If they will melt or wiggle, have them lay down for safety. If you have to help your sub/bottom with past issues of trust or fear, GO SLOW. Talking and working through the issue with communication is the only way to start. Then, when they are ready, let them choose a knife or alternative to try out. Let them watch you, make sure they know the safeword and stop when it’s used.

4. Clean means green!
Use alcohol pads to clean your knife between each scene. Also clean your sheath if you have one. Clean the skin that you will be working on with alcohol. Blemishes (warts, skin tags, pimples, freshly wounded areas) are places to avoid, if you are not dedicated to your sub/bottom. Clean the furniture you will be using. Cross-contamination is not good if you accidentally do cut your sub/bottom. Clean restraints or rope, check for reliability. Don’t use your playing knives for anything else. You don’t want contamination from other things that your sub/bottom could have an allergic reaction to.

5. Make your blade sing, not your subbie scream!
Use music to match the mood. Use good lighting when starting out or playing with someone new. Lower lights are ok for those with lots of experience. Make sure you can see the blade, if not, use the thumb as a guide. Sweeping motions are good for large areas. Short sweeps add to the “beat” of the scene (use in small areas). To blindfold or not… choose based on fears, mind-fuckability. (Does the sub/bottom get more from seeing the knife or not?) Don’t use cutting motions unless that is your intent. Avoid cutting motions with sharp blades around thin skin and those places with lots of veins. Until you have lots of experience, stay away from major arteries and veins (armpit, neck, back of knee, elbow-bend, groin). You can use the tip of the blade, if you have tested weight of blade and tip for piercing ability. Test the person’s skin to determine the thinness in some places. Know the tickle spots of your victim. You can use the flat of the blade to slap, but be sure to pull away quickly so the edge of the blade does not grab skin. You can use heated or chilled blades to add sensation.

Have fun!
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