Las Vegas Unfettered Society

Group Leaders

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Description: Unfettered Society is a local Las Vegas kink group open to all aspects of BDSM and fetish lifestyles. Unfettered Society hosts private play parties and a monthly social for meeting new people interested in joining our group.

If you would like to be invited to attend one of our monthly play parties, please come meet us at our monthly socials. If you are unable to attend a social, contact one of the group leaders to arrange a meeting prior to a scheduled play party.

Unfettered Society is a small group dedicated to the education of the BDSM lifestyle and exploring the many aspects of the fetish world. Our members have a variety of different interests, ranging from impact, fire play, wax, rope, medical play and everything in between.

There is a very high likelihood that there will be extreme edge play at Unfettered parties. If you do not wish to observe any activities related to this type of play, as it may cause triggers, just know that medical play is conducted in a separate room. There are several other play stations throughout the house, so you can get your kink on. This includes multiple spanking benches and a St. Andrew’s cross. There is a dedicated area for wax/fire play, and hard points in the ceiling of the main play area for suspension.

We look forward to meeting like-minded individuals and hope to see you soon at an upcoming social!

Rules: Rules and Guidelines for Unfettered Society

Play Party: The group will meet on the 1st Saturday of each month from 7pm until 12am (or when done). There will be a donation of $3-5 per person for the play party to cover the cost of non-alcoholic beverages and other consumable supplies.
Any additional monies will be used for themed nights or special future events. Each party will be a potluck. No one is to bring chips, they will be provided by the group along with iced tea, lemonade, some soda products, ice, plates, cups, and napkins. Please notate on potluck item any ingredients commonly known to trigger an allergy, if homemade, such as nuts, seafood, soy, etc.

Social on 2nd Saturdays: There will be a social on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 7pm until 10pm.

Communication: Fetlife will be used for main communication, however there is also a private Facebook group for the time being.

Play Party Rules
All play shall be Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

$3 entrance donation at the door; themed nights or special play parties open to people outside of group may have higher donation fees. Members won’t be turned away for lack of their ability to give a donation.

Any guests or members must be dressed in street legal PG clothing to the door. Once inside, clothing is optional.

A full set of House Rules will be provided at first party you attend. Please be aware shoes are not allowed in one portion of the downstairs carpeted area, so bring socks if needed and bring a towel for pool/spa if interested.

Restricted to: Members of Unfettered Society