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The Las Vegas Rope Social is a monthly get together focused on all things BDSM rope related. All types of rope, all types of styles, and all experience levels welcome! Whether you are a experienced Shibari Master or a bedroom bondage type, you are welcome to come and mingle with other rope enthusiasts in an open and casual environment.

We offer a social atmosphere conducive to sharing knowledge. Are you new to this whole bondage thing and want to learn more? Are you experienced and want to show off your skills? Most of our attendees are more than willing to show you that cool tie they just did.

The Las Vegas Rope Social’s are on 4-7pm every 3rd Saturday of each month.

Las Vegas Rope Social Classes are on 7.30-9.30pm every 1st Thursday of each month.

Cost: $5 per person to attend. This is now a mandatory charge. Any more donations are highly encouraged and appreciated to help cover the cost of the space, equipment and any future educators we may try to bring out.

2019 Schedule

Jan 3rd Class
Jan 19th Rope Social
Feb 7th Class
Feb 16th Rope Social
Mar 7th Class
Mar 16th Rope Social
Apr 4th Class
Apr 20th Rope Social
May 2nd Class
May 18th Rope Social
June 6th Class
June 15th Rope Social
Jul 4th Class
Jul 20th Rope Social
Aug 1st Class
Aug 17th Rope Social
Sept 5th Class
Sep 21st Rope Social
Oct 3rd Class
Oct 19th Rope Social
Nov 7th Class
Nov 16th Rope Social
Dec 5th Class
Dec 21st Rope Social

What to bring:
– Rope. (Some will be provided if you do not have any)
– Rug, mat or Yoga mat for the floor
– Water, drinks and snacks
– Positive, fun attitudes!

This group really is for anyone who is interested in learning more about yourself and rope and for having some fun along the way!

Las Vegas Rope Social Rules:
– Showing respect to everyone in the group is expected.
– Although this is more of a knowledge exchange please be mindful of interrupting peoples scenes. Wait until after their scene & aftercare is over, before asking questions.
– We are a Consent Positive environment so when you are physically with us be aware of negotiation and consent. We do provide negotiation sheets at the Rope Social if you are unsure of how to negotiate a scene.
– We are strong advocates of the Bondage and all Kink Communities at large. Hate and prejudice of any kind particularly, of gender identity, sexual preference, race, is not tolerated.
– Please ask before taking a photo of someone else’s rope work. Please be mindful of people in the background of your photos, ask them to move or turn their heads, not everyone is “out” – respect other attendee’s right to privacy.
– If you are going to post a photo on your social media, ask the person who you have taken the photo of if it is OK with them first.
– Do not ‘tag’ other attendee’s in you social media post without asking them first if it is OK.
– If you are going to be naked, please bring a towel to sit on.
– Great attitudes and willingness to share your knowledge
– Safety third, I mean FIRST!

The 705 Building Rules:
– If it is your first time attending the Rope Social, you will need to sign a waiver. A valid photo ID is also required. You will only have to sign a waiver once.
– Please respect the space you are in, please do not touch the theater equipment.
– Space is 18+ for the Rope Social.
– Nudity is allowed.
– No Alcohol is allowed.
– No pets are allowed. Service dogs are allowed. Emotional support pets are not.

Visit is at:

LV Rope Social website

Twitter @lvropesocial