The BDSM Cult/How to be a Predator by CocoJones

The BDSM Cult/How to be a Predator by CocoJones   My entry into the kink community brought me into immediate contact with scouts for what I like to call the BDSM cult. Recruiters for abusive relationships all under the name of sexual discovery. After several run-ins and some trips down some fairly disturbing paths (ah, … Read more

Safewords: Red, Yellow, Green Are Just Words – BDSM for Beginners

BDSM for Beginners – Safewords Red, Yellow, Green Are Just Words and Mean NOTHING by Themselves! by Caged Heart Beginning Explorers in the BDSM World hear a lot of advice from more experienced ‘players’. Unfortunately, a lot of that advice is worth nothing more than it costs…NOTHING. A person new to BDSM might hear, “Oh, … Read more

Reactive and Proactive Service: What’s the Difference?

By tequilarose on November 4, 2014 original post In the other article, I wrote about the differences between micromanaging and macromanaging and now I’m going to cover the differences between reactive service and proactive service. This was a little harder to do because most of what I could find online was comparing reactive service to … Read more